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Lori Albright CRNP

Lori is an insightful, compassionate, and resourceful psychiatric nurse practitioner. She has extensive experience in the care of individuals with mood disorders, psychosis, anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction. She practices while prioritizing the client-provider relationship also involving support systems and other providers. 


When Lori isn’t working she enjoys being on the sideline of her son’s baseball games or the other son’s theater and music performances. She finds solace in gardening, hiking, and being with family. Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Lori received her education in Ohio. She has lived primarily in the Philadelphia area with three stints living in Las Vegas, Long Island, and West Africa.


She started her career working in a surgical ICU before finding her passion in psychiatric care. She has worked at Charter Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas, Huntington Hospital on Long Island, Belmont Behavioral Hospital in Philadelphia, and Footprints to Recovery in Wayne before coming to Southeastern Executive Health in January 2020.



MSN - University of Cincinnati

BSN - Kent State University

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